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As long as the real alcohol is not available to the people, then people will keep drinking fake alcohol

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Why all the people in the world are sad.

Good Morning friends have a nice day.

Friends today we will read, why a human being is sad despite having so much. What is the reason for his grief?

Except for a few people, almost everyone in the world is unhappy. There are many reasons for his unhappiness.

Some people are really facing poverty, so they are sad because of their poverty. 

Some people are less intelligent. So, he is unhappy due to a lack of intelligence.

But many people are also rich in the world, and in many fields are well educated and skilled. Still, they are unhappy.

The reason for their unhappiness - is their wishes and hopes. They have a lot of expectations from other people and have many desires in their minds. Their big wishes and hopes from others are not fulfilled. So those people remain unhappy.

If such rich and educated people reduce their desires and hopes, control them a little, then they can be happy by avoiding many sorrows. Therefore, you also reduce your desires and hopes. Avoid suffering, and be happy.

Do good deeds, meditate on God and live in bliss forever. - Swami Vivekananda

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