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What is the reason for our sorrow.

In the world, it is good to have someone's support, but it is a better thing to become someone's support. Everyone in the world wants support from others but does not want to support others.

It is considered best to become the support of a helpless person for true peace. You will be surprised that the joy and peace for which we have wandered from one place to another, for which we have done so many rounds of pilgrimages, after all, that self-satisfaction has been found very cheaply and easily.

The person who supports others does not have to ask for support, God automatically gives. If you get an opportunity to feed a thirsty, to lift a fallen one, and to show the path to a forgotten one, do not miss it, because by doing this we can be free from many debts.

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What is the reason for our sorrow.

If you consume this thing with tea, then disease like cancer is not far away from you.