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You will get to learn a lot from this story of Guru Nanak and Mardane

Mardane asked Guru Nanak that all the grains in the cornfield have already been determined, in whose mouth they will go? Guruji said, absolutely, Mardane took out the grain and asked Guruji, whose name has Guru Ji written on this grain?

Guruji said the name of a chicken is written, Mardane put corn grains in his mouth and started saying, the law of nature broke very easily, but as soon as Mardane swallowed the grain, it got stuck in his respiratory pipe. The condition became like a dove with an arrow, Mardane said, Master, I will die.

When he went to a nearby village, he found an Hakim, he put a snout in the nose of the mardane, sniffed the mardane as soon as he sniffed and the grain of corn came out and the hen standing nearby quickly ate the grain, seeing that Mardane apologized to the Guru Master, the Master embraced the smiling smile.

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