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So this is how the whole universe is contained in you

We are all one. You must have heard this thing many times. Have you gored What does this mean How are we all one. If not, let's go over it a little bit. According to the signs, at the earliest moment when there was nothing. Then our whole brahmand was like a pea. Totally shrunken. But one day there was a burst of energy in it. That explosion increased as much as the grain. And it kept expanding.

Signs say. That even today our universe continues to grow. Now let's talk. How are we all one. This is a very easy thing. If we are part of the universe. And our universe has started to grow from a small point. So we are also part of the same point. This is known from this point. That our consciousness is one. Whatever we are from outside. But the consciousness inside us is the same. The energy flowing within us all.

Flow is of a type. That's the only difference. That someone has awakened to use that energy well. So very little. This energy is like this. As if a power house is providing energy to all households. The house is different from these. But in those energy is being used. She is a Jessie. So in this way we are all made up of the energy of one.

Now this is it. That how can we use this energy. What should we do for this energy? Actually friends, we are the ones who lock our bodies. Because of which we cannot accept that eternal energy. The biggest obstacle in accepting this energy is our thoughts. We are not saying the ideas that drive life. Which helps you to get ahead in life. We are talking about those thoughts. Which is Fazul's.

Like what will happen in my life ahead. Will it work or not. You will find the same in the end of your life. That this idea is with you. You are still living with the same thoughts. The presence or absence of which does not make any difference in your life.

But these thoughts are hindering you from reaching your traditional energetic stage.


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