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You must be aware of the LOST DIR folder.

Let's Know about Lost DIR.

Today we will talk about an important folder which is found in every mobile. It is android hidden folder. You can never delete this folder. Even if you do. So that folder will be deleted for some time. But when you switch off the mobile. So that folder will be automatically creating folders in android again. Now you must be thinking.

lost directory

What is the use of this folder?

When we transfer data from mobile to computer. So this folder is very useful. This folder is known as Lost DIR. This folder is in almost every mobile. Which contains a memory card.


This folder is useful for recovery. Like you are transferring 1 GB movie from your mobile to your computer and then your mobile will be turned off or the computer is turned off. So that transferring file is saved in your Lost DIR folder. When you transfer the same movie again.

computer transfer

So it will start transfer from that place. Where it was stopped. Not that, it will start from the beginning. So it will not spoil your time either. So keep in mind that there is no use of deleting this folder. Because, it becomes on its own.


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