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The speed of the Earth's rotation is decreasing.

Do you know that the speed of the Earth's rotation has started decreasing. Will it affect our lives? Let's know Millions of years ago when the Earth was created, one day was 6 hours, but today one day is equal to 24 hours.

Let us first know the mystery behind it. When a body of the size of Mars collided with the earth, the earth bent 23.5 °. Due to this, the speed of the earth was reduced and instead of 6 hours a day, it became 24 hours.

The Moon was formed from the debris created by this collision. And this event gave us life and weather on earth. It is true friends once again, the speed of the Earth is starting to decrease. And the reason for this is the moon. You must be wondering what our Chanda Mama has done. Let's know today.

As you know, the Moon revolves around the Earth due to the Earth's gravitational force. And then with his gravitational force, the moon began to draw the seawater towards it, which led to activities like tidal movements on earth. 

You would be surprised to know that this is the reason for the Earth's speed to decrease. Because of these waves, friction is created which reduces the speed of the Earth to a much lesser extent.

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