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This organism does not need oxygen to live.

Unique village, where the height of people does not increase.

kiss story, in which kiss killed a 20 year old girl.

Today we will read the kiss story, in which, the girl dies due to the kiss.

After know this romantic short stories incident, you will be surprised. A strange thing happened, the kiss became the reason for the death of the person. Yes you heard it right The incident is from Montreal, Canada. Where a 20 year old girl Miriam Ducre was allergic to nuts. He suffered from several problems due to peanut allergy.


Her mother explains the reason for Miriam's death. Miriam Ducre's mother, Michelin Ducre, while talking to General de Quebec, explained to what extent an allergy can be fatal. According to her mother, her daughter's life was going well. He had also made a new friend. Her romantic story had just begun. She did not want to tell him about her allergy due to the new friendship.

kiss kill girl

The life of both of them was going very well. One day her boyfriend kiss Miriam Ducre. So after a short time, he started breathing hard. He had a feeling. It is caused by peanut allergy. At the same time, he asked his boyfriend. Has he eaten peanuts. So he said that yes, he has just come to eat peanut butter with bread.

Hearing this, his condition became more serious. He also took him to the hospital immediately. But due to lack of breath, he is no longer in this world. Thus the kiss killed Miriam Ducre.

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