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Real ghost story in which ghost did not know of his death.

Today we know about real ghost story.

How it feels, if the soul does not know that it has died. Yes, this is absolutely true. So let's know about it in depth. The name of the place is "Birsheim Newton Airfield" during World War 2, this place was used to keep ships.

real ghost story

But today it is used for training. This is from the 1950s. Once a private London company went to that place. He decided to make a film to record training lessons.

So he took the camera man with him. All went well for the first 2-3 days. But after that some ghostly incidents started happening with the people who were there. Due to which people started running away from that place. About half the people had left. One of them was such a person. Who did not believe in ghosts. His name was James. He loved playing squash. One day he was playing Squash.


He saw a person standing there. Who wore the costume of the Pilates of World War 2 and he was staring at her. He is a real ghost.

Now James was afraid. James's breath stopped then. When that person crossed the wall. James left the place immediately after that incident. Now there was a lot of talk about this incident in the British media. After some time BCC thought of making a documentary at that place. And sent John, a famous Ghost Hunter, with his camera team there.

I think this is the true ghost stories.

When John talked to those ghosts, it was found out that there were a total of four ghosts there. One of them was named Willie. Who was a soldier in R.A.F. He committed suicide. When John asked, he said, he realizes he is a ghost.

real life ghost stories

Other than that there were three ghosts. There were 1 female and 2 male. And the names of the three were Gerry, Pet and Arnold. He died in 1940 when a plane crashed while landing. According to John, during the sudden death, those three ghosts were not sure that they had died. He was still considering himself as alive.

So guys, what is your opinion about this real life ghost stories ? Please tell us


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