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Use this leaf to get rid of heart attack

Today we are going to tell about such a plant. After eating two leaves of which you will never have a heart attack. Let us tell you about this leaf which can make your life healthy and can save you from a heart attack. We are talking about pipal leaf.

Peepal leaves have many advantages. Which benefits our body. If a person complains of a heart attack, then he should consume this peepal leaf, this problem will end forever and there will be no possibility of recurrence. Take 10 to 12 green leaves of peepal ie soft leaves and then boil these leaves in 1 glass of water and continue boiling them till then.

When one-third of the water is not there, when one-third of the water cools down, filter it and cut it into three parts, then you have to drink it in the morning and evening at an interval of 3 to 4 hours. Drink it continuously for 1 month, you will get rid of a heart attack related diseases forever and other body diseases will also be eliminated.


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