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How did China overcome the corona?

Friends, today we are going through a very difficult phase. Yes, we are talking about Covid 19. The disease started in China in December. Has gone to every corner of the world. This disease has so far caught millions of people. And several thousand people have also died.

But friends, one thing to note. Which country was most affected by this disease and first. Today there are very few symptoms of that disease. So what did China do so that the speed of this disease was reduced very quickly.

how china recover very fast from Covid 19 disease

So let's know about 2 such methods. Which brought the life of Chinese people back on track.

The first way is : lockdown and social distancting

In this, the Chinese government had asked people to remain imprisoned in their own homes and strictly refused to meet anyone. So that this virus could not make any other person a victim.

The second way is : mobile tracking

Friends, the Chinese government has created one such mobile application. Through which you can know. Is there a corona patient near you. If a corona patient is close to you. Then a mobile alert will come. Through which you find out that you can get away from that place. This alert is in 3 categories.

Green : If you see this color, then it means no corona infected person is around you.

Yellow : It means you have a corona infected person.

Red : It means the corona infected person is very close to you. And you are at the highest risk of corona infection.

So friends, China stopped the infection of Corona in these ways. In view of this, many countries are also working on this methodology.

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