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With the help of Google Webmaster Tools, you can easily rank your website

Google Webmaster Tools - This is one of the best Google software. With its help, you can rank your website very quickly. Google Webmaster is also known as Google Search Console. 


So let us tell you about some features of Google Webmaster Tools. 


1. Check site performance

2. Submit site map

3. Check errors on site

4. Check mobile usability

5. Target your website for a particular country

6. Check google crawling status

7. Remove index pages on google

google tools 1

First of all, you have to submit your website to Google Webmaster Tools. You will be able to use this tool only after submitting it. So let's know first,  how to submit your website in Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Tools 2


You will get many options through Google by clicking “Add Property”. By selecting any one of them, you can submit your website in Google Webmaster Tools. After your website gets verified, you will be able to see the dashboard. In which you can monitor the performance, errors, mobile usability and indexed pages of your website.

google tools 3


Check Site Performance: - In this section, you can see how many people clicked on the link of your website in the Google search engine. How many impressions happened on the google search engine of your All Website pages and on which number your website is ranking. In this, you can see which page of your website is coming in search of which keyword and the traffic is coming from which country.

google tools 4Submit Site Map: - If you want your website to be ranked on Google Search Engine, then it is very important that you have to create a Sitemap of your website and submit it in Google Webmaster Tools. For this, you must first create a Sitemap on your website and place it in the Root Directory. If your website is in Wordpress.


So with the help of Yoast Plugin, you can create a sitemap. Otherwise online there are many sites in which you can create a sitemap for free by giving a link to your website. When you create a sitemap for your website, then go to the sitemap section in Google Webmaster Tools and submit the name of your uploaded sitemap. First, it will show pending. But within 24hrs this will be a success. So in this way you can rank your website.

 google tools 5



Check errors on site: - It comes under the coverage section of Google Webmaster Tools. In this, you will get the information about the errors that are coming into the submitted site. In this, the main error is :



1. Server error (500): - This comes when the page of your website stops running.


2. 404 error: - This comes when Google does not get the URL you have submitted.


3. Submitted URL has a crawl issue: - This comes when the path of the URL you submitted in the sitemap is wrong.

 google tools 6


Check mobile usability: - It shows whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. This means that whether your website is opening in mobile in a perfect way or not, is the layout of your website getting spoiled or the fonts are getting big or small.


In today's time, all websites are mobile-friendly. Because it helps a lot to get ranked in Google Search Engine. So you always make your website mobile-friendly.

 google tools 7


Target your website for a particular country: - With its help, you can rank your website in any Target country. Like if you live in India and want to rank your website in the USA. So you select the USA in the target country.

google tools 8

Check Google Crawling Status: - In this, you will know how many pages of your website are being crawled by Google bots each day and how long it is taking to crawl. The crawling itself shows how suitable your website is for the google search engine. Due to which it brings your website in the rank.

 google tools 9Remove Index Pages on Google: - With its help, you can remove any of your indexed pages. Like you created a page earlier and now you have to remove that page from your website. But it is indexed in google search engine. So now you can remove that index page with the help of this tool. All you have to do is submit the URL of that particular page.


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