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Doctors told - How Interesting Human's Body is

The human body is amazing

* Tremendous lungs *

Our lungs filter 2 million liters of air every day. We don't even know about it. If the lungs are pulled, it will cover a part of the tennis court.

* No other such factory *

Our body makes 25 million new cells every second. Also, it makes more than 200 billion blood cells every day. Every time 2500 billion blood cells are present in the body. One drop of blood contains 250 million cells.

* Traveling millions of kilometers *

Human blood travels 1,92,000 km in the body every day. There is an average of 5.6 liters of blood in our body which rotates once every 20 seconds.

*Beat Beat*

The heart of a healthy person beats 1,00,000 times every day. It has been beating more than 30 million times a year. The pumping pressure of the heart is so fast that it can bounce the blood up to 30 feet.

* All cameras and binoculars fail *

The human eye can detect fine differences in a million colors. At present, there is no such machine in the world that can compete with it.

* Nose Air Conditioner *

There is a natural air conditioner in our nose. It cools the hot air and transmits the cold air to the lungs.

* 400 km / h *

The nervous system delivers the necessary instructions to the rest of the body at a speed of 400 km per hour. There are more than 100 billion nerve cells in the human brain.

* Tremendous mix *

The body contains 70 percent water. In addition, there are large amounts of carbon, zinc, cobalt, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, nickel and silicon.

* Unrivaled shrimp *

The speed of the exit air during the waking hours can be 166 to 300 km/hr. It is impossible to open your eyes and yawn.

* Warehouse of Bacteria *

10 percent of a person's weight is due to bacteria present in the body. There are 32 million bacteria in one square inch of skin.

* ENT Bizarre World *

Eyes develop completely in childhood. Later there is no development in them. At the same time, the nose and ears develop throughout life. Ears can detect differences in millions of voices. The ears hear sound waves between 1,000 and 50,000 Hz.

* Tooth handle *

Human teeth are strong like a rock. But other parts of the body repair themselves, while the teeth do not repair themselves when they are ill.

* Moisture in mouth *

Every day 1.7 liters of saliva is produced in a human's mouth. The saliva keeps the digestive food moist with over 10,000 taste glands present in the tongue.

* Blinking eyelashes *

Scientists think that the eyelids blink to remove sweat from the eyes and retain moisture in them. Women blink twice as often as men.

* Nails are also amazing *

The thumb-nail grows at the slowest speed. At the same time, the nail of the middle or middle finger grows the fastest.

* Fast shave *

Beard hair grows fastest in men. If a person does not shave his whole life, then the beard can grow up to 30 feet long.

* Lunch box *

A person usually spends five years of his life eating food. We have eaten 7,000 times more food than our weight.

* Troubled by hair fall *

Every day 80 hair falls from the head of a healthy person.

* Dreamworld *

A human being starts dreaming in the womb of the mother, before coming to the world. The child develops rapidly in the spring.

* Importance of sleep *

A person's energy burns during sleep. The brain stores important information. The body gets to rest and repair work is also done. Hormones responsible for physical development are released during sleep.

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