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Trembling of hands and feet can become a big problem

Hello, Friends # Today we will talk about such a serious disease which happens in most of us, but we ignore it. By doing this, it went ahead causing great harm to our body. So it is better to be careful in time. This is a disease. Sudden shaking of hands and feet. It is normal to see this disease.

But if it is not treated in time, some serious diseases will start being born in your body. 

There are three main reasons behind this disease.

>>High blood pressure: It increases your blood flow, due to which our body starts shivering. Because our body does not have the power to tolerate that flow. So whenever the body starts shaking, first of all, check your B.P.

>>Low blood sugar: People also start trembling in hands and feet due to blood sugar. Because of the stress level of the body starts to increase due to low blood sugar.

>>Vitamin B12 deficiency in the body: Due to deficiency of vitamin B12, the body starts to vibrate. Because the deficiency of this vitamin causes weakness in the body and bones.

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