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The world's smallest phone launched in India, knowing the price will be surprised.

Hello friends, nowadays in the time of technology all the smartphone companies are busy bringing more than one phone and are launching a great phone, in such a company has done a great job, it launched the world's smallest phone on this phone. The name is Zanco tiny t1.

This phone is of your smallest finger size as you can see in the photos.

Features ->

1. In this phone, you get 32 ​​MB RAM.

2. Also, the internal storage of 32 MB has been given.

3. In this phone, you have been given a 0.49 inch HD display.

4. This smartphone only supports the 2G network.

5. This phone is charged with Micro USB.

The price of this phone has been kept at $ 40, meaning the price of this phone in India is ₹ 2500.

Friends, what do you think about this phone, tell me in the comment section. I think this phone has a slightly higher rate. What do you guys say about this phone?


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