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To get a sturdy body, how many PUSH UP should we do?

PUSH UP is an act through which you can make a strong body in a very short time. In today's time, our consciousness towards our body is increasing. But if there is no change in your body even after GYM. So PUSH UP is the best option.

How much PUSH UP should do for a BEST body?

First of all, keep a good food with PUSH UP. By doing PUSH UP, a weaker body also looks healthy in a few weeksSo make your body look good. One adult person should do 30-40 PUSH UP in the morning time. Within a week you will find that your body is getting more stronger and smarter. Most of you people can not do so many push ups in previous stage. So for the first day you need 5 PUSH UP And increase the 5 push up everyday. As long as the number does not come in between 30-40.

Food Plan-

Morning and evening time >>>

4 bananas and 1 glass milk

Empty stomach in morning time >>>

One gram and 20 to 30 grams of soybean. Mix and eat it together.


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