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A helmet is not just a protective gear but has become a fashion icon too. Nowadays you can avail all types of helmets online, with different shapes, styles, colors for men, women, and kids.

What is a helmet and why is it necessary?

A helmet is a type of defensive rigging worn to shield the head from injuries. All the more explicitly, a helmet helps the skull in securing the human brain. Riding a two-wheeler gives riders a sense of freedom on the open road. However, there are severe risks involved in riding without a helmet.

A two-wheeler does not provide the structural protection that a car does to keep drivers safe in the event of an accident. So two-wheeler riders need to take extra precautions to protect their bodies. The most imperative place to begin is by securing the head.

The head and brain are most vulnerable to injury in case of an accident. Riders wearing helmets increase their chance of survival significantly over non-helmet wearers.

A survey done by national highway traffic safety administration in 2012, has shown that about 1,699 lives got saved because riders wore helmets.

It is important for two-wheeler riders to understand the risks of riding without a helmet.  Riders who don’t wear head protectors are in danger of enduring awful cerebrum damage on the off chance that they are in a mishap. Without protection, the head is vulnerable to a traumatic impact in an accident even when traveling at low speeds.

In view of the deadly danger of awful cerebrum, the damage is so high, it is pivotal for motorcyclists to make a move to protect themselves while riding. Wearing a helmet that is affirmed by the Department of Transportation is one of the numerous precautionary measures a rider can take to build well being on the open street.

So protect yourself by wearing stylish helmets and enjoy your ride.


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