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You will be surprised to know these secrets of India.

India is a very unique country. Every day a lot of new incidents are coming out. Which is very amazing to know. This can also happen. what. And it is a matter of surprise.

That science could not even tell the logic behind these incidents. So friends, today we are going to talk about some such mysterious incidents. Whom you will also be surprised. And would say that it can happen. what. So let's start without missing a duck.

So friends, the first mysterious incident happened

In Chhattisgarh. Very old caves have been found in Bastar tribal area of ​​this place. On the walls where pictures of very different humans have been extracted. Their body texture. It is very different from today's human body. Which it looks like on seeing. There is no picture of aliens to be extroverted. Science has not been able to tell till date. Which civilization has made this picture.

Now let's move to another mystery

It is said, friends. The emperor Ashoka had formed an organization of 9 persons. Each of whom had expertise in a particular type of learning. Like how to make gold. Knowledge of deep deep wounds, etc. It is said. That those people have written all their knowledge in 9 books and hid them in a safe place. So that it does not fall into any wrong hands.

It is said that if a person gets knowledge of these books. So he can rule the world. But the good thing is that nobody knows anything about those 9 people and the books written by them.

Now let's talk about the third secret

In a museum in India, the mother of a person named Lama Tenzin is placed. Mummy is one such process. In which the dead person's body is kept with some special chemical. So that his body remains like Vesa. It does not harm anyone. So in this way, Lama Tenzin's mother is kept. The amazing thing in this is that the nails and hair of that mother are still growing. Science has no answer to this matter.

And let's talk about today's ultimate mystery.

There is a yogi situated at a distance of 200 km from Ahmedabad. It is said. That for almost 15 years he did not eat or drink anything. His name is Prahlad Jani. If a common man does not eat anything. So he can live for only 5-7 days. But this person has been 15 years. No one has been able to find out this secret till date.


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