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A place in Delhi, where visiting means to feast death

There are many landmarks in every corner of the world. In this post today, we are going to tell you about a place that you will be shocked to hear about, because it is believed that if anyone goes to this place, then he becomes a victim of death. We are talking about a place in Delhi which has been kept hidden from people, that place is near Karol Bagh.

The police also prevent people from visiting this place. One cannot visit this place even during the day. There is a road leading from Karol Bagh to Bagga Link, which leads to a deserted forest. People who have visited there say that there is a forgotten Bhatiyari palace built there.

People shiver in the name of this place. Therefore, there is also a board written on it, it is forbidden to go here after sunset. Not only this, in the evening Delhi Police put the barricades at the turn of the road leading to this palace.

Many people have died in this mysterious place, so no guard has been deployed at this place, even if a guard is deployed, he runs away in the middle of the night because at night, death would be guarded here.

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