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1 Lac rupees and the golden chance of winning free food for life

Hello friends, I have brought very good news for you. Now you can earn. 1 lakh rupees and free food for a lifetime. Yes, friends, this is absolutely right. For this, you just have to fulfill a small condition. After completing this you will become Lakhpati and eat completely free for life. Friends this is the condition. That you have to eat within 50 minutes. Just three parathas. Yes, friends.

If you are listening to this then it seems a very easy condition. So wait a bit, you will get to know the whole thing. Actually, there is a dhaba in Rohtak city of Haryana. The owner of which has kept this strange condition. The name of this dhaba is Tapasya Paratha Junction which is situated on the Delhi bypass of Rohtak. The owner of that dhaba has announced this. If someone eats three parathas of the dhaba within 50 minutes. So they will give that person up to one lakh cash, 1 lakh insurance, and food for free for a lifetime.

Many people have tried to fulfill this choice. But so far only two people have been able to complete this selection. Which is the expression of Ashwani of Rohtak and Maharaj of Madhya Pradesh. And they have been given Rs 1 lakh as per condition and food for a lifetime.

The owner of Tapas Dhaba is Mukesh Gehlabat. And they have named their dhaba after their daughter. Talking about the parathas made in this dhaba, its weight is 1200 grams. And is about 2 feet in length. The owner of the dhaba, Mukesh told that the Maharaj of Madhya Pradesh has eaten 4 parathas in 50 minutes.

And Ashwani of Rohtak has won the prize by eating 3 parathas. He has been feeding Ashwani for free for the last 1 year. And after that, no one has been a winner yet. So what are you waiting for, friends? Try the power of your stomach.


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