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Unique village, where the height of people does not increase.

There are many villages in our country which are known for some or the other reason. Today we are going to tell you about a village which is quite different from the rest of the village. Located in Sichuan, China, 50 percent of the population of Yangxi village is only 2 to 3 feet in length, due to which this village is called the village of dwarfs.

Scientists are finding out the reason behind the population of dwarves living in this village for the last 60 years, but this has not yet been ascertained. According to the elders of this village, many years ago some disease surrounded them, due to which people here started doing strange activities. Now some people in the village consider it to be the influence of some evil force.

At the same time, some people say that this is happening because of not burying the ancestors properly. Since 1911, there have been reports of dwarfs being seen in this village. An English scientist had spoken of seeing hundreds of dwarfs here in 1947, although this dreaded disease was detected in 1951. Over time, the disease did not stop but it increased.

Many people left the village so that their children would not get the disease. After 60 years, some conditions have improved and now these symptoms are seen less in the new generation.


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