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The good book - Must read these books once in life.

When I asked for an idea of ​​life from a saint.

A story you will learn a lot from

Whenever a man comes back from the office, the dog's beloved children come to him every day and surround him because he used to give them biscuits every day.

Sometimes 4, 5, 6, 6 children would come every day and he used to feed them biscuits or bread every day.

One night when he came back from the office, the children surrounded him but he saw that both the biscuits and bread in the house were over.

It was too late at night, it was difficult to open the shop at this time, all the children started waiting for the biscuits.

He thought it was ok... will feed tomorrow, and thinking that he closed the door of the house, the children were still waiting for him outside. Seeing this, his mind got distracted when he remembered that guests had come to the house, for whom he had brought a cashew almond biscuit.

When he opened the box quickly, it had only 7-8 biscuits, He thought that nothing will happen with this, not even a single stomach will be filled, but thought that let's give everyone one, then they will go away.

When he came out with those biscuits, he saw that all the dogs had gone, only one dog was still waiting for him with the belief that something would be found.

He was very surprised.

He put all those biscuits in front of that one dog.

The dog ate all those biscuits with great pleasure and then went away.

Later that man thought that the same thing happens to us humans when God keeps giving us, then we are happy and do devotion to him and wait for his fruits, but it is not too late for God Doubts on his devotion, on the other hand, he who trusts in him gets more than his faith.

Therefore keep faith in your Lord, do not let your faith be broken under any circumstances, if it is late, it means that the Lord is engaged in doing something good for you.

Click here to read this story in Hindi.


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