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Who was Raja Veer Vikramaditya?

It is a matter of shame that the nation has almost zero knowledge about Maharaja Vikramaditya, who made India a golden bird, and brought the golden period!

Gandharvasain, the king of Ujjain, had three children, the eldest girl was Manavati, the younger boy Bhrithari and the youngest hero Vikramaditya

Sister Manavati was married to Raja Padmasman of Dharanagari, who had a boy Gopichand, later Gopichand took yoga initiation from Shri Javlender Nath Ji and went to the jungles to do penance, then Manavati also from Sri Guru Goraksha Nath Ji Took yoga initiation.

Today this country and its culture exist only because of Vikramaditya.

Ashok Maurya had adopted the Buddhist religion and ruled for 25 years as a Buddha.

Sanatana Dharma had come to an end at that time in India, the country had become Buddhist and Jain.

Books like Ramayana and Mahabharata were lost, it was Maharaja Vikram who discovered and established them again.

Build temples of Vishnu and Shiva and save Sanatana Dharma.

Kalidasa, one of the 9 gems of Vikramaditya, wrote Abhigyan Shakuntalam, which has a history of India.

Otherwise,  friends, not just the history of India, we had lost Lord Krishna and Rama.

Our texts were on the verge of being lost in India,

At that time Raja Bhrithari of Ujjain left Raj and took initiation of yoga from Sri Guru Goraksha Nathji and went to the jungles to do penance, gave Raj to his younger brother Vikramaditya, Veer Vikramaditya also took Guru Diksha from Shri Guru Goraksha Nathji and started taking care of everything and today due to him Sanatan Dharma is there, our culture is there.

Maharaj Vikramaditya did not save only religion but also He made the country a gold bird financially, his era is called the Golden Raj of India.

During the time of Vikramaditya, the cloth of India, foreign traders used to buy it with the weight of gold.

There was so much gold in India, gold coins used to run during the Vikramaditya era, you can see the gold coins of Vikramaditya by doing a Google image.

Hindu calendar is also founded by Vikramaditya.

Today, whatever astrological calculations like, Hindi Samvant, Vaar, Tithi, Rashi, Nakshatra, Transit, etc. are his creation, he was a very powerful, and intelligent king.

Many times the Gods also used to get justice done by them.

During the time of Vikramaditya, every rule was made according to theology, justice and rule followed the rules of all theology.

Vikramaditya's period is considered to be the best after Ram Raj, where the subjects were to run on wealth and religion.

But it is a matter of great sadness that history gives zero knowledge to the people of India about the greatest king of India, please share it so that the country can know who was the king of the country with the golden bird.


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