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The most mysterious temple in India.

Famous Mystical Temples of India.

India is a very unique country. Where many amazing events keep coming up. There are many such bizarre temples in India. Whose secrets have not been revealed yet. Thousands of devotees visit these temples every day. Today we will talk about the main three temples. Whose mystery could not be solved by scientists yet. So let's start.

First Temple: Sripadmanabham Temple

This temple is located in Kerala. You all will know. That millions of tons of gold have been extracted from this temple. Even after getting so much gold, people still believe. That a lot of gold is still lying in the temple. Actually the temple has 7 cellars. 6 out of 7 cellars have been opened. Gold worth Rs 1 lakh crore has been extracted from them. But for some reason the 7th cellar was not opened. It is said. The opening of the 7th cellar may cause catastrophe in the world.

Second Temple: Vrindavan's Nidhivan

This temple is located in the city of Vrindavan in the state of UP. It is said. Even today in this temple, Lord Krishna, along with his gopis, is present at night. God rests in this temple at night. At the time of performing aarti in the morning, when the pandits open the temple. Then there is a curvature lying in a sheet laid for God. Which makes it seem so. On the night someone came and slept. There is no stopping in this temple after the sun sets. People say. If someone makes this mistake. So, he gets dead in the next morning.

Last Temple: Ashwatthama Temple

You must have heard the name of Ashwatthama. Which has been cursed by Lord Krishna, suffering throughout his life. People believe. That he is still alive today. Ashwatthama still worships at the Asirgarh Fort, 20 km from the city of Burhanpur in the state of Madhya Pradesh. There is a temple of Lord Shiva at this place. Where he worships. People believe. That if a person sees Ashwatthama worshiping, then he dies at the same time. It has been wandering for about 5000 years.


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