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Mind blowing facts about human body.

Today we know mind blowing facts about human body. You are living life with an amazing body. The human body is very amazing. There is a lot of change in it every second, about which you might not be aware.


This body seems very small to see. But when you know its reality. Then you will be surprised and will agree that humans are weird. Let me tell you before you start.

amazing facts about human body

There are 78 organisms in the human body.

  • The brain
  • The lungs
  • The liver
  • The bladder
  • The kidneys
  • The heart
  • The stomach
  • The intestines


There are 7 systems in this body.

  • Circulatory system
  • Digestive system and Excretory system
  • Endocrine system
  • Integumentary system / Exocrine system
  • Immune system and lymphatic system
  • Muscular system
  • Nervous system
  • Renal system and Urinary system

Most important, there are 3 parts.

  • The head
  • The trunk
  • The limbs

So let's know some of the best weird science facts and mind blowing facts about human body.

mind blowing facts about brain

First of all, 5 interesting facts to talk about brain

1. Our brain is very powerful. Are you not believing? After reading these facts you will start believing. When your brain is active Meaning when you do day work.

So your brain produces 25 watts of power. With this much power a small bulb can be woken up. So this is the power of your brain.


2. When your brain reaches impulses to an organ, muscle or skin. So the speed of reaching that impulse is between 274 - 400 Km/h. That is why your reaction is so fast. When an animal bites or your skin starts burning.

3. Do you know? There are more neurons in our brain than all the stars in the entire universe. Whose billion connections are being made in a second. Through which you are able to think and talk.

4. A research has shown. Your intelligence can be detected by the way you write. In which it is found out that if you do not have handwriting well. So your brain works more.

Yes, you heard it right. This happens. When your brain works faster than your hand. Handwriting of normal minded people will be good.

5. Your mind does not relax. You heard it perfectly. It keeps working for 24 hours. It works even when you are fast asleep. At that time it shows you dreams. Only after dying your mind is calm.

weird science facts about eye - mind blowing facts

Now we will talk about interesting science facts about eyes.

1. When the child is born. Then he sees the world as black and white and the second thing is that the new born child does not have tears. Because at that time, their eye gland does not develop. It takes 5 weeks to develop.
2. The eye is considered the most complex organ after the brain. Whatever you learn in life. 80% of that is possible only through the eye. Your 8 gram eye is made of 2 million parts.

Because of which you are looking at the world. Your eye sight is 576 mega pixels. Which no camera in the world can match.

3. You blink an eye 28000 times a day. When you blink an eyelid. So the blink time is 0.4–0.5 seconds. This time is so short. So that you do not know anything of the darkness coming in front of your eyes.

If you add this short duration, then you live in darkness 30 minutes a day and if your life is 100 years, then you live in darkness 5 years of your whole life.

4. There are countless colors in this world. Of which our eye has been able to recognize 10 million colors. This figure is very low.

5. Which is a big company. Instead of doing finger scans there are always eyes scanned. Because our finger has 40 unique characters.

While there are 256 unique characters in our eyes. With which the security is increased even more. interesting science facts about heart

Now we know, 5 amazing facts about heart.

1. Our heart starts working when we are four weeks old in our mother's stomach. From then until we die, it keeps beating. You will be very surprised about the speed of its beating. A normal person's heart

1 minute -  72 times
1 day      -  1 lakh times
1 year     -  360 million times Beats

2. The heart rate of women is 8 beats per minute more than the heart rate of men. For example, if a 1-minute beat of a man is 72, then on the other hand, women will be 80.
3. The heart's job is to pump blood into our body. It acts as a type of motor in the body. Its pumping speed is very high. If instead of the body, pump blood out of the body. So he can pump blood up to a height of 20 - 30 meters.

4. According to statistics, most heart attacks occur between 8-9 in the morning of Monday. The reason for this is the rest we do on Sunday. When we start work from Monday, the possibility of a heart attack increases because of increased blood circulation.

5. Must have heard the sound of your heart beating. Do you know how this sound is made? So let's know. The heart has 4 valves.

Through which the heart reaches the blood to other parts of the body. When this valve opens or closes. Then comes the sound of heartbeat.

With this information, you must have come to know that you are amazing

Amazing facts and questions

So let's now know the answers to some common questions.

Q. What percentage of the human body is water? A. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water.
  • Brain and Heart - 73% water.
  • Lungs - 83% water.
  • Skin - 64% water.
  • Muscles and Kidneys - 79% water.
  • Bones - 31% water.

Q. What is the largest muscle in the human body?
A. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the human body.  

Q. What is the hardest bone in the body?
A. The femur is the strongest bone in the human body.  

Q. What is the largest cell in the human body?
A. The largest cell in the human body is female ovum.

So these are the mind blowing facts about human body. If you like it, don't forget to share it with friends.


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