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Will be surprised to know the price of these 4 things of Mukesh Ambani.

Who does not know Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries today? Mukesh Ambani is the richest person not only in India but also in Asia. Mukesh Ambani can also buy the world's most expensive item which no one can imagine. Mukesh Ambani owns property worth around Rs 300,000 crores. Today we are going to tell Mukesh Ambani's 4 similar items which are very expensive.

1. Nita Ambani's Mobile The price of Mukesh Ambani's wife Nita Ambani's mobile is currently around Rs 354 crore. This mobile is made of gold and diamond. Nita Ambani uses Apple's iPhone which is made by special order.

2. Yacht Mukesh Ambani also has a floating house in the sea. This house has a solar panel roof that can be removed anytime. The house is 58 meters long and 38 meters wide. The house also has a guest room and a library. The price of this house is about 800 million dollars.

Currently, it is priced at Rs 730 crore in Indian rupees.

3. Airbus 319 Corporate Jet Mukesh Ambani's corporate jet can carry up to 25 passengers simultaneously. In addition to leather seats, many facilities are available to sit in this jet. Currently, the price of this jet is around 750 crores.

4. Antilia Antilia is the most expensive house in the world. The 27-storey house is built in 4 lakh square feet. About 600 servants have been hired to look after this house. This house has facilities such as a pad, swimming pool, and garden for landing helicopters.

This house was built by Mukesh Ambani for about 4000 crores but currently, it is worth about 14600 crores.


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