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Public Looted by Thugs

Give seven lakh rupees, To Radhe Maa (Jasbinder Kaur) will bless you by sitting on her lap and give fifteen lakh rupees, then you can take that snooty thug Radhe Ma to a five-star hotel and be blessed with dinner! Even then, superstitious people consider her to be a goddess.

There is Nirmal Baba who is giving God's grace in red chutney and green chutney! The night is worshiping day. And he is blind and still considers him as God

Baba is a devotee of Rampal who considers Kabir to be the absolute divine Brahman! And by giving his bathed water to his devotees, he blesses them.

Those who are Brahmakumaris, then a diamond merchant, describe the words of Lekhraj as the true Gita and describe God as a point! He also failed Bhagavad Gita.

The Radhaswami people consider their Guru as God, the God of God, that Guru Ji is the incarnation of the God who is God.

It is Nirankari whose only Baba who saves him, died in a horrific accident at a speed of 300 million, and others do not know, they get their union with God, but people do not get tired of saying Baba's Jai.

Ashu Bhai Guruji, Bapu Asaram, Dati Maharaj Baba Ram Rahim's devotees are even more great, even when all the poles are opened, they worship him as God on the streets day and night. And they say that it is not Guruji in the jail but he is overshadowed by the devotees and they do not understand

No foreigner is responsible for this, who decorated his shop more, he became that big God. Baba people do not believe in any god...Baba Ji sits in his Z + security and says, "Life and death are in the hands of the one above", the blind devotees listen with reverence, but do not think...

Baba Ji flies in the airplane. Are laden with gold. This Baba sits on a pile of wealth and says, "Moh-Maya is false, abandon it all". But the heirs will make their son or family special person ... The devotees listen with reverence but do not think.

Devotees feel that Baba Ji resolves all their issues, but when Baba Jid gets stuck in the issues, then Baba Ji seeks the help of big lawyers… The blind devotees are sad for Baba Ji, but do not think… ..The devotees are ill, they take medicines from the doctor. When they are cured, they say, "Baba Ji has saved", but when Baba Ji is ill, he treats the big doctors in expensive hospitals. When the prayers but do not think...

The blind devotees consider their Baba to be God… tell a hundred stories of their miracles.

When Baba Ji goes to jail for some crime, then he does not show any miracle .. Then the blind devotees fight and die for Baba, but they do not think anything…. The senses start working more, but no knowledge of blind devotees makes sense.

So be awake, be logical and identify God with wisdom.

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