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Why this man acting like a dog.

Today we know about a man like dog.

Today we will talk about such a unique person. Which has crossed the entire limits of madness. This man acting like a dog. You must have often seen that lovers in love start to act strangely. But is there anyone in this world who loves dogs so much?

man like dog

That he should change his whole life into the dog's life. Yes, you heard exactly that. This person is not in any pressure. he wants to live a life like dog life. This man love dog so much, he has named himself like the dog name. His name is Tom.


Its food and drink is also like dogs. To look exactly like a dog, he has made a costume that resembles a dog. By wearing it, he looks completely like a dog. Tom walks like dog on all four legs.

man acting like a dog

Surprisingly, Tom's fiancée takes Tom out to walk, like a dog. Tom does all this for his own pleasure. Because he has loved dogs since childhood and wants to be like them.

This is the perfect example of beautiful relation between man and dog

So, this is the short story about dog and man love. If you like this story, then don't forget to share with your friends.


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