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This country seems to be fined on gossip.

There are many people in this world who do not digest food without gossip. Gossip is seen everywhere in the office, school, college, and home, etc. In India, women organize kitty parties for gossip. People also enjoy gossip too much. But there is a country where gossip is a bane. Yes, there is a gossip bane in Binalonan of the Philippines.


This city is 200 km from Manila. Gossip has been banned to make people responsible and pay attention to their work. At the gossip, people lose most of their time and stay behind in life. That's why this law has been enacted.

Under this law, if anyone is caught for the first time doing gossip. So he is fined 200 Pisa i.e. about 721 rupees. Apart from this, the waste has to be lifted from the road for three hours. If someone repeats this crime again. So he has to pay around 1400 rupees and community service for 8 hours.


the local mayor Raman Guiko Says, That if someone is caught gossiping on issues such as their economic status, then it will be considered as a legal offense.


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