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12 famous names of Hanuman Ji, get special blessings from reading.

The name Hanuman comes from Namo, the best of the gods of Hinduism. Hanuman Ji had helped Lord Shri Ram in the war against Ravana. By which Lord Rama gave Hanuman a blessing to be infinitely pleased and said that whosoever will chant these names of yours, Lord Rama will have unwavering grace on him. So here they are...

12 famous names that you can get by chanting the blessings of Shri Ram and Hanuman Ji.

01. Shree Hanuman
02. Anjani Sut
03. Air son
04. Mahabal
05. Romest
06. Falgun Sakha
07. Piganaxa
08. Amit Vikram
09. Eclipse
10. Sita mourning destruction
11. Lakshman Pran Daata
12. Dasgriva Darpaha

Jai Bajarang Bali!

So, friends, these were the 12 famous names of Hanuman Ji, by chanting, you can find the unique grace of Hanuman. If you get to learn something, then do share it with your friends. May Hanuman Ji be kind to you.


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